Flower Girl

Joseph cites floral installations as one of THE MOST ENJOYABLE aspects of his floral design practice. They are how he gets to play with the botanicals and flowers that he loves, how he can be creative in a really exciting way, how he brings to life designs that seem impossible in the mind, and not to mention the fun and buzz when others see one of these designs and love it even more than he does…

“Y’all are INSANE!”
Joseph teased earlier this year to his community, when he shared a blue delphinium installation on Instagram and the image received over 10,000 likes!

There’s no denying it, floral installation design is BIG fun and BIG impact and can transform your business in a BIG way. They’re a wonderful way to showcase what you can do, they enable you to increase your client spend for each and every wedding or event, and they set you apart from the competition.

BUT, Joseph knows they can be scary as heck too! Intimidating, sweaty palm inducing, worry-some things, that you fear won’t stay suspended cloud like in the air. Which is why, as well as the seven design projects, Joseph has included bonus modules, focusing on his tips for safe working practices, rigging and the techniques for installation designs that are going to have you feeling confident in your ability to create in this way too.

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